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From Accredited Kanban Consultants and Kanban Coaches of Kanban University.


Kanban School Mission

Affordable Kanban knowledges.

School Audience

Line-Level Managers

Relief from overburdening.Produce better quality. Take a professional pride in their work and customer satisfaction.

Mid-Level Management

Up-managing – answer the hard questions with confidence. Down-managing – make difficult decisions with confidence. Reliable, predictable, faster service delivery.

Senior-Level Management

Make promises we can keep. Lead the business (strategy, positioning).

Project Managers

Better manage projects and project portfolios.

Product Managers

Develop a product that matches the customer’s goal.

Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Make system improvements in companies using the Kanban-Method.

The Audience Purposes

– get answers to questions on the topics of trainings TKP, KSD, KSI, F4P, KMM, KCP and ESP;
– know about the Kanban method
– get practice using S.T.A.T.I.K.;
– systematize knowledge: why do we need Kanban? What can we improve with Kanban?
– get step-by-step instructions for implementing Kanban, which can be applied;
– gain knowledge about Kanban through real cases that can be put into practice!
– learn the nuances of the practical application of Kanban;
– achieve high performance and predictable load of commands;
– improve current work processes;
– pump over in Kanban, learn how to plan the delivery of the result just in time;
– start using Kanban from next Monday.

Our Consultants

Igor Filipyev

Kanban School Founder and CEO

Accredited Kanban Consultant


Our Services

We are spreading knowledges and practical experience about Kanban.

You can find a lot of useful information about Kanban in our blog.


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