Kanban-Method Knowledges and Consulting

From Accredited Kanban Consultants and Kanban Coaches of Kanban University.

Kanban School Mission

Affordable Kanban knowledges.

School Audience

Line-Level Managers

Relief from overburdening.Produce better quality. Take a professional pride in their work and customer satisfaction.

Mid-Level Management

Up-managing – answer the hard questions with confidence. Down-managing – make difficult decisions with confidence. Reliable, predictable, faster service delivery.

Senior-Level Management

Make promises we can keep. Lead the business (strategy, positioning).

Project Managers

Better manage projects and project portfolios.

Product Managers

Develop a product that matches the customer's goal.

Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Make system improvements in companies using the Kanban-Method.

The Audience Purposes

– get answers to questions on the topics of trainings TKP, KSD, KSI, F4P, KMM, KCP and ESP;
– know about the Kanban method
– get practice using S.T.A.T.I.K.;
– systematize knowledge: why do we need Kanban? What can we improve with Kanban?
– get step-by-step instructions for implementing Kanban, which can be applied;
– gain knowledge about Kanban through real cases that can be put into practice!
– learn the nuances of the practical application of Kanban;
– achieve high performance and predictable load of commands;
– improve current work processes;
– pump over in Kanban, learn how to plan the delivery of the result just in time;
– start using Kanban from next Monday.

Our Consultants

Igor Filipyev

Kanban School Founder and CEO

Our Services

We are spreading knowledges and practical experience about Kanban.

You can find a lot of useful information about Kanban in our blog.

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