Igor Filipyev, founder of the school, accredited trainer and consultant.

My name is Igor Filipyev. I am an Accredited Kanban Consultant at the Kanban University, USA. And this is a very short story about my IT-career.

In 2006, I graduated from the Taganrog State University of Radio and Electronics with a bachelor degree. During a few years after graduation I worked as a desktop support engineer at The Technical and Engineering Center (Gazprom Transgaz Stavropol, Ltd.) in my native town Stavropol, Russia. Also in the parallel with this I founded the Web Studio “26” – a business for the development, support and SEO services of the websites.

In 2012, I moved to Moscow, Russia and worked for four years as an IT Project Manager of the Client’s Personal Area and later as a Data and System Analyst in the Software Development Department (Alpari, RU).

In 2015 I plunged into the world of Agile. I made my first experiments with the Kanban-Method at Alpari as an IT Project Manager. Later I gained experience as a Scrum Master in the team of the Alfa-Click Internet Bank (Alfa Laboratory, Alfa-Bank).

In 2018, I moved to Home Credit and Financial Bank to the POS Online service team (consumer loans in online stores) as a Scrum Master. After auditing the processes, I suggested using the Kanban-Method as the main workflow management tool. After consulting with the manager and the team, we decided to use the Kanban-Method approach. We had capacity of twenty-six people and demand of seven business units. I described the results of the experiment in post 1 and post 2.

After that, I worked as an Agile Coach at Scrumtrek, where I conducted a large number of open and corporate classes and workshops, and also worked as a consultant with various enterprise companies.

Then I worked as a Head of Agile at the S7 Group and I also conducted consultations at the Kanban School.

Now I’m Head of IT Delivery and PMO at SberHealth.

If you have any questions about Kanban, come and I will definitely help you.

See you!